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As you are aware (I hope), this site is new, but very minimalist. It is very much a throwback to the internet days of the late 90's and early 00's. However, I am far from the only one to do this, as there are many, who has done this and are still doing it. So I have this page to basically give shoutouts to some badass folks and friends of mine and their websites/stuff. I've also thrown in links to my various projects, should you be interested (There's only one in the moment).

Cool Shoutouts to cool people and their sites:

Chad's Guide to Starting Your Own Website

Now, this should your starting guide for internet independence. Made by Luke Smith, this tutorial is teaching you how to get a domain, get a VPS, setting up a website, writing html/css, etc. It's very in-depth, and there's a bunch of bonus tutorials for what you can do within your server, once you have set it all up. It's great, if you do not want to be dependent on Big Tech services and all that.


Based young pasta man. The Son of Luke. The Über computer genius, and all other compliments that escapes my head, atm. This guy has also been a great help for me when it comes to doing this DIY website and Matrix server stuff. Also, his website hosts a bunch of his different projects, like videos from his YT/Odysee channels, music from his band, his blog, and a wiki full of web tutorials.

Mike Ladano's Website

Ok, compared to the rest, Mr. Ladano's (or Lebrain, if you prefer) site is a bit of a contrast, as his is powered by Wordpress. Having said that, he's still a cool canuck with a massive bulk of music reviews, which also has kind of a collector's perspective (From what I have seen, so far, his Deep Purple and KISS CD collection is unmatched). He has also plenty of interesting tales from his days as a record store employee. For fans of music (of the heavy caliber), definitely check his stuff out.

MONSTRO's Website

Here's a website by Monstro. A genuine cool dude, who got me inspired to do this minimal website thingy. I've been friends with him, since last year or so, but I've known of him, since the time on YouTube, where he was more infamously known as TheStimpyLand. A moniker, which he thankfully has killed off. The dude has various videos on his YT channel and self-hosted PeerTube instance, and he also has articles about music, his name, latin, Matrix and other fun stuff. Check him out.

My Other Projects

The Video Archivist

This is my Internet Archive page. I am somewhat of an archivist, when it comes to online videos. I've always downloaded YouTube videos just to view them offline, if necessary, but due to the state of the internet, big tech and politics (and also not trusting YT in general), I find it important to at least have an alternative option to access videos of YT channels. Especially, if the nuclear option has been used. There're mainly videos of my YT subscriptions, complete with descriptions, thumbnails and other bonuses.

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