Living In The City (Learning How To Survive)


(Experimenting with personal life blogs. Pretty mundane post, but that's life)

A month and a half has roughly passed since I got the keys to my apartment and a little later officially moved away from home. What an interesting experience, so far.

It's no secret that such a moment can be daunting for anyone. A turning of a new leaf. To be honest, the switch was fairly mild. As in, "Oh, I just moved out.......Ok cool, I guess". It wasn't a difficult thing to adjust to, as I've sort of done it before but not really (Gonna talk about that in another blog), and I was prepared with having most of the necessary house-holding items and things. Still, it's very much a learning experience just by the fact that I not only have gained a new type of freedom, but also now have the responsibility of taking care of myself and the place. So a lot of new habits are forming, while old ones are altered or tucked away.

Also, I've come to learn that living in the city is pretty different from living in a village. Big duh, I know, but so far, it's been mixed. There's been some shocking events, annoying inconveniences, and disappointing encounters with strangers. However, the big challenge is social life (or rather, the lack of). Always a hurdle for an introverted person like me. Still, I will probably overcome it, as it's important to get out of the house, from time to time, but also for it to not be lonely here. Oh, and also to tame my spending habits. How I'll succeed in that is now uncertain.

So I've learned a lot. Will in all likely hood learn a lot more. So yeah, survive today for a better tomorrow.