First update of 2022



It's been awhile, since I updated this site. I'm still alive, but the drive to actually write something for this site has been halted for a long time, now. That, and I'm busy moving out to a new place, which itself is a process and a half. Sorry about that.

But I've made a few changes to the site. Mainly the new implemented blog system, courtesy of Luke Smith (who's making minimalist web much easier). So now, updates are saved, easier to write and publish, and also in sync with the RSS feed (so the main page doesn't have to be re-added to the feed, every time I make an update. Yay)

As for new articles, I've a couple of drafts that desperately needs to be finished. But don't expect a consistent publishing schedule. I'm only doing this as a hobby for fun and I'm naturally lazy outside of work. Still, there should be a new piece coming up soon, so stay tuned.