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Welcome to my crypt. My space of opinionated shit, recommendations, articles and other stuff for you to see. I am Thunder Blackmore (not in any way related to Ritchie Blackmore). Sometimes musician, archivist, and collector. Here, my opinion is rule, and everybody shall bow down to it (Like a good little sheep). Unfortunately, I don't have that big of an influence, like communists, but communists suck and are all dead and irrelevant, so it's all cool.

Update (September 20, 2021):

Thank you for visiting the site. I apologize for the pause of articles. Work and sick days have kept me busy. However, I have added a RSS feed, so you can easily get notified on new shit without having to constantly visit the site on a regular basis. Several articles are on the works, as well as a sitemap for a complete list of all written pieces on here.

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All you normie peasants from Discord and Reddit must get on the based train.



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